Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 67 - Ice skating

Today I was suppose to go for a group run with around 30+ trail runners. Waking up to freezing rain changed everyones plans. The run and after party was cancelled. I walked out to see what the road and driveway were like and they were a sheet of ice. I got to do some sneaker skating in my drive way for a little and that was a lot of fun. A few cars were driving by so I thought I would give a road run a shot. I have a pair of shoes that I always have sheet metal screws in that are ready for the ice. They really work and it is a cheap way to stick to the ice. I gave them a good work out on some fast down hill road running and I didn't slip one time. Here is the link for more info: The Screw Shoe I was planning on doing another run later in the day but my energy level was not there. The group run is back on for tomorrow with some nice weather on the way.

The Screw Shoe

2-5-2011 - 6.7 miles - 1.00 - run

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