Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 61 - Solid run

I met Ken up at the mountain today at 7:30 for a nice 5 mile run. The temp was around 27° and we warmed up quick when we hit the climb. It was nice to catch up with Ken because it has been a while since we ran together. Ken is also heading to the MMT 100 race this spring. After getting back down to the parking lot Ken said there was another runner running down. It was Steve another entrant in the MMT 100 race. He missed us at the start by 10 min. and was chasing us down following our footprints in the snow and finally caught us. We said good bye to Ken and then headed back up the mountain. We went right up the road hill and Steve powered right up the hill at a good pace. Then we hit the AT to the blue trail, down to the campground, back up the yellow and over to the Pinnacle. The views were good and we were the only ones there. We took the AT back to Pulpit. There we ran into about 8 people snowshoeing. They widened the trail and made the snow very flat taking the deep footprints away. That made for some really nice faster running the rest of the way down. Finishing with 15 miles total it was a good solid morning of running. Steve showed me the Kahtoola MICROSpikes he uses when it is icy. They slip right over your sneakers and hold on to the ice great. I think that might be my next purchase.

The view from Pulpit Rock

Looking down below at Pulpit Rock

1-30-2011 - 15 miles - 3:30 - run

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