Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 66 - Ice footprints

I went for a longer walk today. The road was clear of ice so there was no slipping today. Not to much action out on my walk today.

I left for my run tonight around 5:15. On the way there I realized I forgot my headlamp. I wasn't going to go back for it I wanted to run. The first two hundred yards up the trail was plowed but is was slippery. The rest of the way up there wasn't that many new footprints. Once I was on the AT there was ice footprints going to the top. These are real good for twisting your ankle on. You just have to make sure you place your foot at the right place. Near the top is when it started to get a little icy and I started to slip on almost every step. Now all the ice from the trees that fell off stuck to the trail. I made it to Pulpit Rock just before dark. When the mountain has an inch coating of ice on makes for some fun at the top. I was taking big pieces of ice and sliding them down the mountain. You can hear the ice slide all the way down. Running down the road hill was quite the challenge. The ice footprints were very slippery and if you got off the trail you crashed through the thick ice and bang you ankles up. I just could not wait to get down. Finally making it down to the bottom with only one fall and no headlamp I felt lucky!

2-4-2011 - 3.4 miles - 42:31 - walk
2-4-2011 - 4 miles - 56:00 - run 

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