Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 64 - Ice

Looking outside after waking up I kind of knew this was going to be a no work day other than shoveling and scraping ice. It only happens maybe one time a year and today was the day. Charging the camera the night before it was ready to go when I went outside. The first thing I did after coffee was go out and snapped a couple of pics around the house. Then I went outside for a couple hours clearing the heavy ice off of the driveway.

I headed up to the mountain around 11. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot I got stuck. Lucky for me there was someone there to give me a push. This was mainly going to be a hike today. After an ice storm like this I had to go looking for great photo ops. Well there were plenty of photos to be taken today. There was only one guy up there when I started and he was xc skiing. He didn't go to the top so I had first tracks to Pulpit Rock. The ice was thick going up maybe a 1/2 inch and getting thicker closer to the top. Underneath the snow and ice there was some slush. This made for some cold feet. After getting up to Pulpit Rock the ice on the trees was very thick and falling. It got a little scary after getting hit by some ice. The best place to stand was out in the open and not under a tree. I didn’t venture to far in the mountain after hearing some trees cracking.

After getting back home there was still more ice to clear. There was a big plow scraping the sides of the roads that went right by my house after I started to clear some of the ice near the road. That was a big help. I think they are doing that due to more snow on the way Saturday. Around 4:30 I left for a road run through town. The sides of the road where very wet but not to icy. 99% of the sidewalks were clear so I didn’t have to worry about falling. I finished with 8 miles. My legs should be ok tomorrow but my arms are going to be sore. Click here --->>>>for Ice Storm 2011 pictures I posted. There were to many to post on this site.

2-2-2011 - 3.2 miles - 1:30 - hike+taking pictures
2-2-2011 - 8 miles - 1:05 - run

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