Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 63 - 13 Weeks left!

Yes that is what the title of Day 63 reads "13 Weeks left!" of training that is. The time is really flying now. Keeping focused for the next 13 weeks is what I have to do. So far I have been building up a good base and staying healthy. Consistent training is what it’s all about for me this year. The first couple of weeks of training it was hard going out some of the days but now I feel like I am on auto pilot which is a good thing. Now I just head out the door and keep moving. I'll be working on getting more hills in training – up and down.

The sleet and rain stopped just in time for my walk. The roads were covered in an inch of slush and ice. Traction wasn’t to great but it could have been worse. A very nice afternoon to go for a walk.

After I got home from work I had to clear the road in front of the house. That is where the heavy snow/slush was laying. A good half hour workout. I went up to the mountain around 5 to check out the snow. The top of the mountain was wild. It was like someone frosted the whole top. It was almost dark when I got there but I did get some cool pics. After getting home I decided to shovel my drive way and got another half hour workout. Wasn't sure if I should with the ice on the way but this stuff was already heavy and with ice on top it would of made for a lot of work.

Heading to Pulpit Rock

Frosted tree

Looking up at a tree

The night view from Pulpit Rock

Leaving Pulpit Rock

2-1-2011 - 3.4 miles - 46:42 - walk
2-1-2011 - 5 miles - 1:00 - run

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