Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 65 - Sore arms

With all the clearing of ice my arms were sore when I woke up today. So if I don't wave to you it is because I can't move my arms:-) I checked the Bull Run 50 lottery out and it looks like I didn't make the lottery but they are taking the first 50 people on the waiting list and I did make that. Now I just have to pay and find a place to stay. This will be my 4th time running the race. It should be a fun day of running on a nice course. The last time I ran the race was in 2009. I will never forget that race after getting some cramps in my calves. The first one was after running past the soccer fields. I took it easy after that and everything was fine. Then on the way back one runner came up behind me and said "Hi Jim" it was Kim a runner from my running club. She was moving along pretty well at that point and I was thinking I am not going to get passed right now. So I started to pick up the pace and pulled away. A little faster then I should of and with less then 2 miles to go I got a cramp in both calves and it dropped like a bag of rocks. I yelled very loud because it really hurt and you could see the muscles moving around. Kim wasn't to far back and offered help but I told her to keep running there was nothing she could do. I tried to get up but every time I did they would start to cramp again. It was kind of funny and wish I could of been of video to watch. Luckily there was a tree near me that I could use to pull myself up with. I soaked my legs in the creek aside of the trail and hobbled to the finish. What a fun day!

I had a nice fast walk today and my times are getting faster. I will keep pushing them as long as I have the energy. With all the ice clearing, some hiking and running yesterday I was beat today when I got home and decided to take the day off from running.

2-3-2011 - 3 miles - 36:38 - walk

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