Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 52 - Yes! Snow!

My wife woke me up around 5 a.m. and said do you want to shovel? I really don’t have a choice but it was nice of her to ask. After an hour of shoveling the the driveway was clear. I walked inside to the smell of coffee – gotta love that. Now hopefully it doesn’t drift shut by the time I get home. After getting to work I spent another hour or more playing in the snow (shoveling/salting). Today I definitely got a good core workout.

Today on my walk it was windy and sunny. There was also plenty of soft snow to slip on every step.  Some of the roads are starting to drift which made it fun when a car would drive by. 

View from my walk
I made it out on the mountain by 4. A little colder today and the weekend is suppose to be real cold. The weather is saying down to 0 - wow that is cold. The road was drove on by a truck so it was a little easier to run until I got on the AT. From there I had first tracks to the top. The snow was real lite and fluffy. It would be great skiing snow. I only had about an hour to run so I ran down the road hill which was a lot of fun. There is probably 6 inches of snow on it and you could run down it real fast without worry about slipping on ice. When I made it to the parking lot I could see that there was going to be and awesome sunset. I ran down to take a pic and my battery was dead. There is always next time.

The road up from the parking lot

Appalachian Trail near Pulpit Rock
The view from Pulpit Rock
Appalachian Trail near Pulpit Rock
Appalachian Trail near Pulpit Rock

1-21-2011 - 3.4 miles - 45:51 - walk
1-21-2011 - 5 miles - 1:05 - run

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