Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 50 - Keep moving forward

Today for a walk I did my 3 mile loop. My energy level feels really good this week. The days I had my cold I was going out but the energy was not there. Today I was just trying to keep focused and moving along as fast as I could. It felt like a heat wave at 37°. I finished the loop in 37:39. That is a12:36 pace for the 3 mile loop and the legs felt good.

Tonight I left the house a little after 6 for a road run. With the chance of some more snow on Friday I thought I better get a faster run in tonight. How fast I will be running I never know until I get out on the road for a mile or two to see how I feel. I have a hard time following a schedule because some days I feel like running fast and others I don’t have much energy. I found out going by feel in my training works the best for me. So on the days I have the energy I take advantage of it. I changed from my normal loop and was trying to run a lot of different streets around town I never run on in a while. Half way through the run I had a big dog jump at me. It’s been a while since that happened but I was ready for it. I even made eye contact with the owner and the dog, slowed down and thought it was cool to keep moving. I didn’t say a word and kept moving forward after he jumped at me. Then the owner starts to yell and yank the dog around. I think if the dog would have been on a leash this could have been avoided. Finishing my run with an average pace of 7:38 for the 10 miles. I feel I am getting stronger little by little. Can't wait for the weekend and it's only Wednesday. The temps look cold but with some new snow on top of the slush the conditions should be great!

Since I didn't get any photo's today I thought I would post two of my favorite pictures I snapped a couple of years ago. The one I call it "Nature's Highway" because it looks like a crazy road in nature. The other one is just a cool colored insect but i'm not sure what it is. Just remember keep moving forward and enjoy the views around you!

1-19-2011 - 3 miles - 37:49 - walk
1-19-2011 - 10 miles - 1:16:21 - run

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