Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 48 - Monday Monday

No sun and a little bit of wind made for one of the coldest walking days of the year so far. Today my walk was cut short which I didn't care because I got to see my two little ones on my walk and it made the day go by real quick. It is amazing what a boost that can give you the rest of the day.

The legs felt sore today. I think it was from running in the snow over the weekend. It does take some time getting use to running in the snow. The feet/legs are always landing and slipping a different way. My legs did feel better after my walk and should be good to go after work.

My run tonight started around 6. Taking off at a nice pace I hit the first mile around a 7:30 pace. For the rest of the run I was trying to stay right around an 8 min. pace just by feel. I try only looking at my watch when it beeps every mile so I can learn to run that pace by feel. As of right now an 8 min. pace on the road around here feels very comfortable for 8 to 10 miles with not feeling like I am going too fast. I can’t do that every day but a couple times a week feels good.

It looks like some icy weather for tomorrow and should be interesting to see what happens. Below are a couple of pics from some cool ice runs I had a few years ago. Hopefully I can get some more shots of some ice after this storm.

Schuylkill River/Little Schuylkill run together in Port Clinton

Appalachian Trail on the Buzzard Course
Top of mountain on Buzzard Course

1-17-2011 - 2.4 miles - 33:55 - walk
1-17-2011 - 10 miles - 1:19:37 - run

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