Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 51 - Maybe another storm

Looks like some more snow on the way. Hopefully we get a good amount of it this time. Some people are really ready for warmer weather and I can understand why – they don’t run in it and they don’t know what they are missing:) Right now I am all for the snow because it will make me stronger for when the spring comes around. This weekend I will try to drain my tank of energy with plenty of running and sledding in the snow.

On my walk today I was trying to focus on every step. There are so many things to distract you outside. But today I was really zoned in. Yeah it’s only a walk but the more practice the better off I will be when race time comes around. It is so easy to slow down and get in a different pace whether it is running, hiking or walking. Every step counts and I really have to stay focused on what the end result will be. The race will be here in no time!

I decided to have a shorter night of running. I went straight up the road hill to Pulpit Rock breaking through the thin layer of ice. More footprints going to the top tonight which made for a lot of icy prints. Now you have to be careful with the ice footprints. Some are deep and you can twist your ankle on them real quick. I thought maybe there would be a quick appearance of the moon tonight before the snow started but no such luck. I made it to the top right before dark. I got a couple of pics and then headed back down. The tread on my sneakers worked perfect for the run down on the ice covered road. I headed right home and with only a little of over 3 miles in I thought I would run on the treadmill for something different. I'm not a fan of dreadmill but I thought it would be good mental training. My first mile I ran at a 10% grade at 5mph for 1 mile and the last .8 at a 10% grade at 6mph. That was all I could handle. I really have a hard time running with the same surface. I need some rocks, dirt or snow under my feet. It also felt really soft when I would land and I wasn't real crazy about that. Maybe I will shoot for 2 miles next time.

1-20-2011 - 3 miles - 37:31 - walk
1-20-2011 - 3.2 miles - 37:00 - run

                   1.8 miles - 20.00 - treadmill run:(

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