Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 12 - The Buzzard Run

I went to run the Buzzard course today. It's a 45 mile drive from my house. Why drive 45 miles at 6:30 a.m. to run in the pouring rain for many miles you may ask. You have to run it to understand. This course is one place that you always feel good when you pull in the parking lot if you don't miss the turn. The run is around 25 miles long with 5 big hills and one cold water crossing. Below is the map from someones gps from a previous run that we did there.  My watch didn't record the whole course this time.

When I pulled in the parking lot around 7:25 a.m. there were no cars. There was suppose to be a group of runners there but most decided not to run because of the weather. After sitting in my car and getting ready to run by myself another runner Stephan arrived. That means I didn't get to have all the fun - I had to share:) One lady did stop by and asked us if we needed turn sheets for the course but I know the course. The weather forecast for the day was rain and a lot of it but that never really happened.

Stephan and I started to run and talking about what the other runners were going to miss. I don't get to run a lot with Stephan so it was great to run and talk about life and running for over 5 hours. We power hiked most of the climbs and ran everything else. Stephan ran the last hill and I tried to catch him but there was nothing in the tank.  A couple down pours here and there but overall it was a great day! Below are pics from the course and of Stephan and I.

12-12-2010 - 25 miles - 5:20 - run - 3,200 ft. elevation

The Water Tank trail

End of the Horse-Shoe trail marker.



Man made bridge on the Appalachian Trail

In the center of the picture is the last climb
straight up a pipeline. The top is over a mile
away after the creek crossing.

Stephan getting ready to cross
the creek for the first time.

One step at a time and it is cold.

Don't fall - he didn't and I didn't either.

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