Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 16 - Pedal to the metal

The sunrise was beautiful today. It's amazing how fast the sky's color can change at this time. If your not ready with your camera it is gone but you always have tomorrow but it will be different. I always have my family look up at the sky in the morning or night.  We have seen so many great sunrises and sunsets.

Todays fast walk at work went really well.  The temps were up a little and there was no wind. My legs felt like I could move them so much faster today then other days. Even the hills went well. Sometimes you have days like this and you can put the pedal to the metal even in a walk.

I was thinking of what my training plan is and I don't really have a training plan. I just "wing it" most of the time. Of course I do know I will run long on the weekends and have a fast run or two during the week but I never really know which day or how far until that day. Life is very busy with everything going on that I don't have time for a running plan - nor do I want one. That is another reason I have fun with running - it is mine and I can do anything I want with it. If I want to run, hike, walk while I am out there and do it fast, slow, long or short I can. There are now rules to follow other than moving forward consistently.

Tonight a couple minutes before the start of my run I was thinking to myself I want to run fast tonight. The 7 mile road course I usually run at least once a week. Starting out with a 1.3 mile of flat or down hill where you can get the legs moving right from the start.  From there the next .7 mile section climbs about 150 ft. which you have to try and push this section. The next .9 mile section is flat with a slight up grade then descends over a 190 feet where you can get the legs moving as fast as you want. The course is flat from there for the next 1.45 miles. Then the hill hits a .3 mile section that climbs 135 feet. Keeping your legs moving at this point is a challenge. Then it is downhill for the next .75 with a 140 feet of decent. The last stretch climbs around 220 feet and this is where you can have a good or an ok run. The last section really teaches me to keep moving even when everything seems to be falling apart.  Tonight I had a good night and kept focused the whole run - 48:40. Now I am ready for a long slow weekend run.

12-16-2010 - 2.8 miles - 35:48 - walk
12-16-2010 - 7 miles - 48:40 - run - 375 ft. elevation

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