Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 17 - Amazing Sunrise

The sunrise was amazing today! The picture below was taken around 7:30 a.m. Within only a couple minutes after this the clouds covered it and the sky lost its bright colors.

I didn't wear my cover over my face today at my walk and was it cold on the way back.  It was 31°F outside but the wind made it very cold. My legs were a little tired for the first half mile and they felt great by the time I finished. I am still using the Cardio Trainer on my phone to do all my walks and some runs. It seems pretty accurate on all my walks so far. This whole week I tested out my new Elements vest from Under Armour. It has some wind proofing in it which worked really great to keep my core warm by preventing any wind from coming in at the zipper. I never really used Under Armour but my great neighbor hooked me up with some great discounts.

After another cold week of running and walking I took today off from running. The down day should help give me more energy for this weekends long runs. The little ones went to a friends house and my wife and I went out for dinner and a movie at home (The Hangover). By the time we got home from picking the little ones up it was almost 10 and I was beat.

12-17-2010 - 2.8 miles - 36:02 - walk

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