Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11 - Up..Down..Repeat..Up..Down..Repeat.......

The weather was great today!  What else can I say. 30+ degrees felt like summer after running in the 20's all week. I finally made it up to the mountain around 11:30 a.m. Another slow start to the weekend run but I made it out the door. Today was a prefect day for some hill running. Hills are not what everyone calls fun but hills give results and good one's. If your going to run a mountain race make sure you get out and run, walk or crawl up the hills. Speed is good but you also need the endurance. The road hill I use has 640 feet of climb and is one mile up (Link: 1 Mile Hill Repeats). Today I managed to do 7 of them.  5 running and 2 running/hiking and legs felt good. I brought three bottles along and only drank one. I guess the extra weight was good for the legs. There was some snow around but was melting.  Off to the Buzzard course on Sunday.

The road where I do hill repeats.
The road where I do hill repeats.
The view from Pulpit Rock

12-11-2010 - 15 miles - 3:05 - run - hill training - 4,620 ft. elevation

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