Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 71 - Loops

My legs are feeling really good today on my walk. The ice on the one pond is starting to melt a little more each day. The roads are getting wider now that the snow/ice is melting. I still feel there will be another big storm on the way before the end of winter.

Tonight I did some loops around the neighborhood. They are almost a mile long (.93) all on the road. It felt good not to run down the crazy road I usually run on. I did the first 6 miles with them averaging in the high 6’s which felt good. Then I finished off the last 4 miles with an averaging at an 8:30 pace. The route has a gradual up and a gradual down with and elevation change of maybe 50 feet. I think I might try to do 34 laps someday which would be 31.62 miles or just over a 50k. Right now Sunday’s temps might reach the 40’s. Maybe Sunday would be a good day to try and run it or maybe I will save if for when it gets a little warmer.

2-9-2011 - 3 miles - 38:28 - walk
2-9-2011 - 10 miles - 1:16 - run

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