Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 8 - The Lottery

It is hard to sit inside for lunch when you start preparing for you next adventure. You have to keep moving every chance you get and don't waste your time. I decided to go for a walk with the cold and wind blowing.  At least the sun was out and I got to say Hello to a couple of people I usually see when I am walking.

Today is the day all runners find out if they are in the race or do they go on the waiting list.  After we signed up for the race all runners were given a random number.  My number that I got after filling out the online app was 572.  There were 416 people entered this year. At 4 p.m. the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up at 11,372.48.  From there they use the last 3 numbers which was 248 and go up 205 positions.

Dow Jones Industrial Average 12-8-2010

Today I had the right number and I am in the race.  The rest of the people go on the waiting list and wait for people to drop off. Click here for their full explanation of the lottery if you really need to know. You wish everyone you know could get in the race but it doesn't work like that anymore.  These ultra races (any race over a marathon 26.2 miles) are going crazy with the number of entrants.  I really do think there is another running boom going on right now.

5:35 p.m. I drove down to Oley, PA for the Pagoda Pacer club run. Chilly at the start until you get moving. Running in December around the back roads with all the Christmas lights at the houses is a great way to enjoy the season. The moon also look really cool tonight. We hit a dirt road section and I ask one of the runners how far until we regroup with the rest of the runners. He said about 400 to 500 meters. So I took off as fast as I could for at least the first 300 and then slowly started to die. I am really going to pay for that. My legs are so sore but sometimes you just have to open it up and have some fun. Then I had a great dinner with some of the runners to talk about what else - running and other things.

12-8-2010 - 2.4 miles - 31:32 - fast walk
12-8-2010 - 6.5 miles - 50+ minutes - run

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