Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 7 - 3 inches of snow

Today I woke up to find around 3 inches of snow outside. I should have got a pic because the sun melted some of it by the time I got home from work.  I guess winter is really here now at least where I live.   A couple miles away there was only a dusting. Today was also the last day to sign up for the MMT 100 lottery.  All runners will find out Wednesday at 4 p.m. if they made it in or if they go on the waiting list.  Either way I will be training for something. I have so many memories training during the winter runs and I can’t wait to make some more this winter.

Lunch time rolled around pretty quick today. I decided to brave the cold and wind and go for a fast walk.  I really need to think about getting a jacket with some wind proofing.   A sweat shirt is not working because the wind cuts right threw it.  The walk I do is an out and back. That means I have 1.2 miles of wind pushing me out and 1.2 miles of wind in my face on the way back - 20+ mph headwind today. The walk back always gives me something to look forward to:)

If you look at the bottom of the mountains you can see white - that is snow - where I was there was no snow.
5:10 p.m. and I was out the door to run to the top of the mountain (Pulpit Rock). Within a quarter mile I passed a state cop at the same place I got pulled over for running in a snow emergency last winter – that made me smile and laugh to myself. I really love getting first tracks to the top if I have the chance.  Today there were a couple of tracks before me. The view from the top was really clear and the lights everywhere looked awesome.  You can actually see the lights at the Blue Mountain Ski resort and Bear Creek Ski resort from the Pulpit Rock lookout.  Not sure if Bear Creek had theirs on I didn’t look but Blue Mountain did.  I guess that means they are making snow. If it stays cold out the ski resorts should have a great holiday. The run down on the road from the top had an inch or two of snow on it.  There is nothing like running on and in the snow. I can’t wait for the deep snow to get here. I was glad when I finally got back home tonight.  I just wanted to get warm and eat.

The walk up to the Pulpit Rock lookout.

The night view from Pulpit Rock at night.

The night view from Pulpit Rock at night.

The trail leaving Pulpit Rock going west on the AT.

12-7-2010 - 2.4 miles - 32:20 - fast walk
12-7-2010 - 7 miles - 1:04 - run

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