Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 10 - Ready for the weekend long runs

From today until January 4th all runners that got picked in the lottery can pay their entry fee.  Runners that didn't get picked in the lottery have to join the waiting list and send a check in. If someone drops from the entrants list and their name comes up they cash the check. I was reading over some of the new rules for this years race and here is one that will be disappointing to some runners but I can see their point:

"PERSONAL LISTENING DEVICES: Before you enter, please understand that the single track trails of the MMT course can be crowded and narrow in some areas making overtaking other runners difficult. We don't want you wearing personal listening devices over these portions of the course (and discourage them on the course at all). Personal listening devices are not permitted at all in the Solo Division."

At one time I used an MP3 player all the time when I was running.  Now I only use it a couple times a month. I find I get distracted by it sometimes because maybe I don't want to listen to the song that is playing or it's to loud.  When I use it now I like listening to some podcasts about other adventures people are doing. Here is a list of some of the sites I found to download for free:

Today was a little warmer out for my walk at lunch but there was a little snow falling towards the end.  I kept a good pace at around 12:46 per mile. This week I think the cold weather took a lot of energy away from me so I decided to take the night off and rest for this weekend long runs.

12-10-2010 - 2.8 miles - 36:00 - fast walk

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