Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 143 - Long run and then some

Today I headed out to the Buzzard course. My legs felt ok after last nights 5k. I arrived and was the only one there. Then my friend Bill and Stephan arrived. It was slow moving for all of us which was fine with me. I really wanted to get time on my feet - miles didn't matter. Bill ran with us until we hit the bridge - 5 1/2 miles - then turned around. We went left down the rail trail and took the water tank trail straight up to the top. Once we were up to the top a big helicopter flew over top. After it passed us the sound never really got that far away. It actually got louder after about a 1/2 mile. We looked through the trees and it was right on the other side in an open field. It was really cool to see a helicopter that close just hovering there. From there we headed down the road to the rail trail and back to the bridge. This was a long flat section that never seemed like it was going to end. My legs were tight and Stephan's IT band was giving him some problems. We hit the bridge and walked off and on the rest of the way back to the car. It was nice to just take it easy there and have some good running talk. After we got back to the cars for awhile another friend Randy was just finishing his run. Good times out there today and we missed all the rain.

Tonight the rest of the family went to the movies. I thought I would try another run to see if the legs were still tight. They felt a little better and I ran up to Pulpit Rock and did a loop around town. It rain a little off and on but nothing like the down pour last weekend. It was Good Friday to get in some long runs in.

4-22-2011 - 21.70 miles - 4:42 - run
4-22-2011 - 13.40 miles - 2:00 - run

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