Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 142 - 5k with family

Today I got out of work early so I headed right home to get some work done and then went for a hike. I did my normal 5 mile route. Not to much action out on the trail but it was a nice hike.

Tonight I decided to do a 5k. The family and I went to pick my dad up around 6 to go to the race. It is the first race of 6 in the series. One each month on the third Thursday of each month for 6 months. Tonights run had 300 finishers. My first mile was fast at 5:32, the 2nd mile was 5:55 and the last was 6:02 for a final time of 18:08. That time tonight was good for first in my age group. I really don't know how to pace myself in 5k's. I just go out fast and see what happens an just try to hold on. I really like jumping in these races because there is always someone to chase and you have to dig deep the last mile to keep moving. After I finished I ran back to my day and ran the rest of the way in with him. He is 67 and finished with a smile in 41:16. It was great to have family and friends at the finish.

4-21-2011 - 5 miles - 1:14 min. - hike
4-21-2011 - 6 miles - 46 min. - run

The view from Pulpit Rock

The view from Pulpit Rock

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