Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 137 - A lot of weather

Today I met a group of runners at the Hamburg Reservoir at 8 a.m. We headed up the left side of the reservoir to a trail we don't run a lot. A little bit of  bushwhacking was a fun way to start the run off. The trail doesn't get used that much so the growth was a little higher. From there we head down towards Eckville and then cut back up to the Port Clinton fire tower. We all grouped back together and then decided to run the power line trail. It goes straight down a very rocky section which was very slow moving because you could fall in between rocks. Then we went right back up the other side and that was one of the steepest trails I think I ever went up. Everyone was glad to be up at the top and it was cold so we had to keep moving. We ran the Appalachian Trail back to the parking lot from there. It was another great day with friends on the trail.

I went for a second run around 4. It was raining when I left. Splashing around town was a lot of fun. Then with around 3 miles to go I saw a flash and it was lighting. That made me run a little faster. Then the rain started to fall and the thunder started. I kept moving forward and made it home safe and soaking wet. It was a lot of fun out there before the lighting came. It was a good day of running.

4-16-2011 - 11 miles - 2:40 - run
4-16-2011 - 9 miles - 1:10 - run

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