Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 139 - Monday longer run

Today I woke up and my legs were feeling really good after all the hills I ran yesterday. I wanted to get more miles in yesterday but I ran out of time and felt tired when I was thinking about a second run. I got dressed and ready to go but never made it out the door. It was a good decision because tonight I had energy.

I left the house around 5:45 and wasn't coming home until I hit 15 miles. When I go for a distance over 10 I usually head up to Pulpit Rock. It gives me one big hill and slows my pace down. It was cloudy up there tonight. I passed a couple of people but mainly I had the mountain to myself. After running back down I hit the road down to town. Baseball is in full swing and more people are around at the park. That is great to see because it has been a ghost town all winter. The river is up high after all the rain. I made it home hitting 15 miles in an 8:23 pace. What a great night of running.

4-18-2011 - 15 miles - 2:06 - run

Sunrise 4-18-2011

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