Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 59 - More snow

Today was one of those days I didn’t feel quit on. My stomach didn’t feel the best when I woke up and my energy was low. When I went for my walk and put some music on things started to feel a little better. I love the power of music. About a half mile into my run I looked over at one tree and it looked like a face. So I had to get a quick picture of that. I know what you thinking I’m loosing it from walking and running too much :-) Oh well at least I am having fun out here. Some more snow was falling the whole walk but no accumulation on the roads.

Tonight the family and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for supper. Then the little ones watched their movie and my wife and I watched The Blind Side. There was not to much time for a run. There will be plenty of time this weekend for running, sledding and some more snow.

1-28-2011 - 3.4 miles - 43:50 - walk

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