Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 56 - Ready to run

I did my three mile loop again on my walk today. I wish I had more time because I am not ready to stop after three miles. The temps were up and it felt real comfortable outside. No face cover needed today. The legs felt great after a night off of running. The count down is on to spring for most but there looks like some more fun with the snow is on the way again.

Usually when I take a day off from running I am ready go the next day. Well tonight I was ready. I went out knowing I wanted to run ten miles. 6 p.m. I was off running hitting 6:34 on my first mile and thought this could be a fun night. It was a little fast but sometimes it is hard to hold back even when you know your going to pay for it. At that point of the run I was thinking maybe I will try to keep moving at this pace for five miles and then take it easy. Well after moving along and not feeling like the energy was leaving after five miles I was in for the whole ten. I could feel my legs getting tired but I know now when these times come around you have to relax and try to keep moving. The beep from my watch went off and I looked down and it read nine miles - 1:03 something. I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds and dug down deep. I hit 6:41 on my last mile and finished at 1:10:35 with a big smile on my face. Some people say your legs only have so many races in them don't waste it on training run. I say you only live once and if your feeling good go for it you could die tomorrow. And one more thing I will pay for this tomorrow but it was worth it! Bring on the snow!

1-25-2011 - 3 miles - 38:06 - walk

1-25-2011 - 10 miles - 1:10:35 - run
                    1 mile - 9:19 - run(cool down)

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