Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 44 - Cold and Beautiful

The day started cold and with another beautiful sunrise. I guess any morning you see the sunrise or sunset it is a good thing. I never really paid any attention to things like the sunrise, sunset, moon, stars as much as I do these days. Now I can’t get enough of them.

The wind chill was at 11 ° with the sun at full blast when I left for my walk. The roads were very slushy and slippery. I am just waiting for a car to drive by and soak me when I am out there. So far no one had that kind of luck. It would look pretty funny getting back to the office soaking wet covered in slush. Maybe with some of the snow melting it will be a little more solid tonight on the trail then it was last night. I picked a comedy station to listen today on my walk and it had me laughing out loud. Some of the older Robbin Williams stand up routines are great.

The jet looked like it was going to hit the moon!
Tonight I headed back on the trail. A couple cars in the parking lot with two hikers finishing there day. I wanted to hit the red trail knowing that after last night no one was on it. First tracks on a trail are hard to find a couple days after a good snow. The trail is only a mile from the parking lot but I wanted to get there before dark. Luckily the dirt road was plowed so running was a little faster than last night. Since there is a phone tower at the top of the mountain someone plows to the top. Thats right a mile and a half of plowing to the top just for a phone tower. When I got to the red trail I thought I would try to get some video and I posted it below. A little grainy because of it getting dark but not to bad. It was a little slippery and with no real base down the rocks were still and issue. From there I hopped on the Appalachian Trail and ran up to Pulpit Rock. The footing is better since some of the snow melted. The view was very clear and the moon was creating a lot of shadows. On my way down I stop to listen to how quiet it was. With no wind you could hear a pin drop. By this time it is dark and while I am heading down to my car someone yells. I turned around real quick. The guy didn't have a light so I never saw him. He wanted to let me know that his dog was ahead of me. I started to wonder how many things I run by in the mountain at night that are watching me and I never know they are there. Hmmmmm.

1-13-2011 - 2.8 miles - 38:20 - walk
1-13-2011 - 4.50 miles - 58:00 - run


  1. Jim, got your link through the listserv. Nice effects on the photos, and good video, it doesn't bounce up and down, can't get mine to not bounce. I'll be following your training leading up to a 100 miles!

  2. Thanks Josh! Last night I used a Nikon Coolpix S570. I have the Electronic VR Image Stabilization and Motion Detection set to auto to help with shake. I have to hold it very steady and try not to drop it in the snow!

  3. Was the image stabilization built into the camera or is it something you can download? That sounds like it would come in handy...

  4. I think a lot of the cameras have that option on them from the factory. At least the ones I have did.