Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 37 - Maybe 10 plus runners

I'm still battling my cold but should be ok for Saturdays 50k. Maybe if I would take something it would go away like my wife tells me. I’m not a medicine fan and never will be. My first MMT was in 2007 and that was the last time I took any medicine (2 Advil – during (never again) 1 Aleave - after) other than a couple of cough drops over the years nothing since that race. If I can make it to the race this year without any medicine it will be 4 years med free. This cold is going down with a fight from me!

It seems like ever since I mentioned about how much of a pain an mp3 or music player can be for me I have been using it more now than ever. Today I used it again on my walk and was using the Pandora app on my phone. It leaves you pick a music group (I have AC/DC right now) then it creates a radio station with songs with that group and other groups similar to the one you picked. This is a fun app for your phone or computer if you want to listen to something different on you next run, walk or hike.

I was looking at the final entrants and wait list runners for the MMT 100. Right now it looks like there could be over 10 runners from the Pagoda Pacers to start the event if everyone stays healthy and other runners drop which some usually do. With that many runners, pacers and crews this is going to be one heck of a run fest this year!

Pagoda Pacer group photo from 2010 MMT 100 (Photo by: Bobby Gill)
Tonight my legs felt good before the run so I thought it was a good time to push a little harder. The temps were nice and no wind. I took off running and hit 6:36 on my first mile. That felt great but I knew I had to back off a little. The next 5 I slowed down and wound up with a 7 min. average pace for the first 6 miles. The last 4 I really slowed because I didn’t want to do more damage for the night and finished the last 4 miles with an 8:39 pace. Great night of running and if I didn’t have the 50k this weekend I think I could of went all night.

1-6-2011 - 2.8 miles - 36:41 - walk
1-6-2011 - 10 miles - 1st 6 miles - 42:00 / Last 4 miles - 34:36 - Total = 1:16:36 - run

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  1. Go Jim go! Best wishes for Saturday!

    Saline nose spray and alternating hot/cold compresses get me through my colds.