Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 113 - Lightning, thunder and sleet

I went to the club run tonight. It was cold, raining and in the mid to upper 30’s. There were maybe 25 to 30 runners there. The trails weave all around the mountain above Reading, PA. It warmed up quick after climbing for a while. We ran on a lot of new trails and some of the same ones we usually hit when we run here. Someone said we were running out of daylight so we started to head back to the parking lot. About a mile or more away we saw a flash and the some thunder. After that everyone stated to run a little faster. Then you could feel the temp drop and it stated to sleet. It must have flashed another six times on the way back down to the car. What a crazy night on the mountain and everyone made it back safe.

3-23-2011 - 5+ miles - 1:00 - run

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