Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 110 - Sunday long run

My legs were feeling pretty good after waking up and walking around at home. Today was suppose to be a nice easy slow day. The more consistent training I do the better I recover. After the first couple years of running the longer races I could barely walk the next day and I didn't do much. Now I know I have to keep moving the next day after a race or pay for it. I arrived at the Hamburg Reservoir at 9 a.m. This was a run I set up earlier in the week to make sure I would get out the day after the race. The run was to be between 3 and 4 hours. With me there was 7 of us that started the run today. The sun was out and no wind. The run went up the AT to the blue trail down to the Blue Rocks Campground. Steve, Pete and I ran from here in a group and the others were in a group right behind us. From there the run went up the yellow to the AT and over to the Pinnacle. We check out the view and headed back on the AT heading west. We ran into a runner from Colorado and she said she was training for some 50k out there. We headed to the long downhill AT section and then made our way back up to the Port Clinton fire tower. Another 3 runners went by us as we were going up the hill to the fire tower. Then we ran the road to the Rattle Snake trail and hit the down and up on the Moss trail and back on the AT. We ran the AT all the way back to the road and back to our cars. This was a great run for me because if Steve and Pete would not have been there my pace would of been a lot slower. My legs are feeling good right now but I will take it really slow for the next couple of days and hopefully will be fully recovered soon for some faster running. Below is a link to the run we did.

3-20-2011 - 15.64 miles - 3:08 - run

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