Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 106 - Father/Son Run

I left the house around 5:25 p.m. to pick my dad up and we headed down to Reading to run a 5k. My dad is 67 and he walks but loves to come out to run some 5k’s. 142 people started the race and the weather was perfect. It was mostly flat with some ups, downs, cinder trail and macadam. I went out trying to run as fast as could and hold on as long as I could. The first mile I hit in 5:24 and I could still breath and my legs felt good. I tried to maintain that pace and I hit my second mile in 10:50. The last 1.1 I started to slow and could feel it. I just tried to keep moving as fast as my legs would go. With about 150 yards to go I heard foot steps behind me and a little after that I got passed. I got right behind the guy and stayed with him for the last 50 yards and we both pushed it in but had nothing to pass him. The time on the clock read 16:49 and that was the fastest I ever ran a 5k. I think my fastest time before was 18:23. After finishing my run I ran back to my dad and ran with him the rest of the way in. He finished in 40:45 and had a great time. Later on at the awards it was told to us that the course was short. I think they said it was actually 2.97 miles - I'm not really sure. We both got and award and that was really cool! Another great night on the trail with friends and family.

3-16-2011 - 16:49 - 2.97 miles

3-16-2011 - 2 1/2 miles easy warm up/cool down

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