Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 102 - 501 run

I drove out to 501 and 78 to meet my friend Frank at 7 a.m. From there we drove to the top of the mountain where the AT crosses 501. Approaching the top it looked white. The closer I got to the top there was a fresh coating of snow. We headed east and the start was very rocky, wet and covered with a coating of snow.
We ran out about 6 miles until we hit a pipeline. We both agreed to run down to the bottom or close to it. It was steep but the footing was good. There was a sign with the number "18" on it and that is where we turned around and headed back up. Below is a picture looking up. That is the top of the first section. The hill went up another half mile after the top of what you can see on the picture.

After reaching the top we ran out north about a mile on the pipeline. A red-tailed hawk was flying over for a little. We turned around and headed back to the AT and headed back to the 501. All the snow was gone by the time we got back. It was a nice easy 16 mile run and I will see Frank at the Hat Run 50k next week.

Around 2 p.m. I went for my second run up to Pulpit Rock. There were a lot more people on the trails down here then at 501. I passed a bigger group that was going to be spending the night. It was nice to open the legs up on the road. Running on the rocks in the morning was slow running. Overall it was a good day of running.

3-12-2011 - 16 miles - 3:35 - run
3-12-2011 - 7 miles - 1:04 - run

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