Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 80 - Mud & Rocks

The weather was perfect today for my walk. Halfway through I got stopped by a big black Great Dane right in the middle of the road. The dog didn't want to let my around and the owner was no where to be found. Eventually the dog moved off of the road and I made my way back to work. What a pretty dog but the dog kind of looked at me like I could of been it's lunch:-)

Tonight I ran from home to the Pinnacle and back. It was a 12 mile round trip and the trail was in good shape. I have to learn to run on rocks again and a lot of them were showing their face. They have been covered in snow or ice for a long time now. I passed a lot of hikers that were heading back to their car. The Pinnacle was very peaceful and wish I could of stayed longer but I didn't want to get cold. On the way back in the dark there were a lot of hikers heading up the mountain to see the full moon. Sun, slush, rocks and mud - what a great run! 

2-18-2011 - 4.1 miles - 50:58 - walk 
2-18-2011 - 12 miles - 1:52 - run

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