Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 23 - Last day of work

My last day at work for the year is finally here. I changed my loop up for my walk today and it wound up being 3 miles. It felt good to see some different scenery. The wind was really blowing when I hit the wide open fields. All my fast walking so far since starting my training back up I have been using the Keen Voyageur Mid hiking boots. They feel like sneakers and with the side ventilation they don't get hot. A great hiking or walking shoe.

Today at work I was listening to some faster up beat music and that got me charged for tonights run. At that point I knew I wanted to run at a faster pace for my 7 mile loop. I haven't ran all out since last week so I was ready to give it ago again. After the 3rd mile I started to have a little down moment with my stomach and this is where you have to remember to keep pushing on. It is real easy at those points to slow down and go easy. After a couple minutes it felt a little better so I kept pushing along and held on for the last 2 miles. 48:06 was my final time for my 7 mile loop and my fastest time so far this month.

Below is a video of the song that got me charged up to go out and run at a fast pace. The Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl puts everything into this song and I tried to do the same thing with my run tonight. You can just feel the energy in the crowd and on stage - great song!

12-23-2010 - 3 miles - 38:23 - walk
12-23-2010 - 7 miles - 48:06 - run

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