Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 21 - What the buck

It was another sunny and windy day on my walk at lunch. A couple clouds in the blue sky. On my way back I pass a wooded section of land. There was a stick on the ground and I kicked it off the side of the road. When I did that I kicked up a bunch of stones into the leaves and scared two deer a buck and a doe. They popped right up running into the field above them. They might sit in there every day and I never noticed them. I will be keeping an eye out for them from now on.

I made it out the door around 6 tonight and the moon was looking pretty cool with some clouds around it. I usually try an run fast on a Tuesday night right from the start but not tonight. I just wanted to keep a nice pace the whole run not to fast and not too slow. I had about an hour and half to run so I thought I would try to get in 10 miles. I looped around town trying to hit all the hills and then finishing with a really flat section. The final mile and a half was really fun checking out all the holiday lights around the neighborhood.

Tomorrow I will be running with the club and I can’t wait. Running alone is ok but when you can share it with other runners it is so much better. Below is a video from M├ílaga, Spain of the El Caminito del Rey walk way that will get your heart pumping and your hands sweating – CRAZY FUN!

12-21-2010 - 2.8 miles - 34:56 - walk
12-21-2010 - 10 miles - 1:19 - run - 450 feet elevation

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