Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 154 - Fast run

Tonight I wanted to get one more fast run in before I really start to slow down for my race. I picked a 7 mile course that I run quite often when I want to see where I am at with my speed. It was a lot warmer out tonight which was good for some last minute heat training. I pushed the whole run until mile 6 where I was stopped in my tracks to a loose dog. I think is was a pit bull mixed with something but I wasn't sure. Someone left their house door open and the dog came out to someone that just pulled up in a car. The dog didn't come near me but I wasn't going to make any move towards it. After the owner got the dog and went back in the house I was on my way for the last mile back home. I had a good run and was happy with the time.

5-3-2011 - 7 miles - 47:00 - run

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