Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 151 - First snake

Today I didn't have much time to run. I thought if I am going to run it better be very rocky to get use to the rocks in my race coming up. I ran from my house to the Pinnacle and back. It is a very rocky run an you have to keep focus the whole time you are on the Appalachian Trail or you will stumble or fall. When I made it to the Pinnacle I saw my first black snake of the year. No photos - I didn't run with the camera today. Now every stick on the ground is looking like a snake. Making it home with a good solid run was nice. Later on in the day I went to REI to picked up a new headlamp, a double water bottle back pack and some gels. Now I almost have all my supplies I will need but I'm sure I will forget something.

4-30-2011 - 12 miles - 1:51 - run

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