Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 124 - Legs feel very sore

Today started with a nice 4 mile hike with my wife. We hiked the AT to Pulpit Rock and back the road hill loop. We got to meet a very nice 67 year young lady that hikes up there about 5 or 6 days a week with here dog. She even said she runs down the road hill to the parking lot. That is one of the tricks to living longer - keep moving forward.

After returning home from our hike I ate, packed my drinks, food and I was out the door for my run. I think this run should of been called the "Leg Burner or Legs Feel Very Sore" run. My legs were shot today but I wanted to get a back to back long run in. I did a lot of the trails I usually do. Up the Pulpit Rock road hill, down to the campground, up to Pinnacle, back to Pulpit Rock and then onto the road. That is when the fun started. My legs really felt sore during the 8 miles on the road. I kept just over a 10 min. pace. and with tired legs I was happy with that. My legs felt just like they do in a long event and pushing through is what you have to do and forget about the discomfort the best you can.

4-3-2011 - 20 miles - 3:55 - run
4-3-2011 - 4 miles - 1:22 - hike

The view from Pulpit Rock

The view from Pulpit Rock

Looking up at Pulpit Rock from the campground

The view from the Pinnacle

The plantains I was talking about on Thursdays run. The coconut and grapefruit were gone.

A trail at Kaercher Creek Park

Kaercher Creek Park - Pulpit Rock is located on the mountain in the middle. 

Kaercher Creek overflow water tunnel 

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