Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 123 - Leg Burner run

The Leg Burner run I just mapped out a couple days ago. Basically it is a route with as many hills as I could find to make a great hilly fun run. Not to many people use hilly and fun in the same sentence but with MMT fastly approaching you need to get them in now. With me there were 7 of us that started the run. The run started with 2.6 mile loop up the AT heading west, down a pipeline and back to the parking lot. We all warmed up on the first climb. When we hit the steep downhill pipeline the leaves were very slippery and with the loose rocks made it a challenge but we all made it down safely. From there we headed east on the AT to a pole line that went straight down to Rattling Run creek and straight back up to the road near the Port Clinton fire tower. The rest of the group head back to the parking lot from the creek and Steve and I headed out for the rest of the loop. We then ran by the fire town, down to Drehersville seeing some bear tracks in the snow and back up to the fire tower. Then we ran down the road to the Rattle Snake trail, Moss trail and back on the AT to the parking lot. We hit 20 miles as we went under the 61 bridge. From there we agreed to run the loop we did in the morning in the reverse direction. The pipeline was very steep but there was no slippery leaves just a lot of loose rocks. After getting back to the cars we headed up a steep road to some game land parking lot turned around and ran back to the cars. Steve is also running MMT and today was great training for both of us.

Later at night I did a 4 mile hike with my friend Donny to get the legs moving after the beating they took earlier in the day. What a great hilly run and hike in the mountains today.

4-2-2011 - 25.44 miles - 5:44 - run
4-2-2011 - 4 miles - 1:12 - hike

Run down the Pipeline

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