Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 98 - Easy day

Tonight was a nice easy 4 mile run in the mountain. My legs are still trashed after running the Buzzard on Sunday. It was nice to get out and not worry about a thing. The water was really flowing down the mountain from all the rain on Sunday. A lot of trees were down with the soft ground. I guess this is nature’s way of removing the weak and only let the strong standing. After making it to Pulpit Rock I headed over to the run the road down. Before I got to the open area there were 3 deer looking my way. As I got closer to them they started to run away and I noticed that one of them had a problem with its front leg and could not run to well. The other deer stood there kind of protecting the injured one until I went by them. I could really feel my legs running the downhill tonight. A couple more days and they should be back to normal.

3-8-2011 - 4 miles - 45:00 - run

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