Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 93 - Town loop

I decided I needed another confidence boast with a timed run. The last week I got burned out big time and I have to start rebuilding my running confidence again. I know that sounds funny but after taking only a couple of days off and not feeling well it feels like I have been away from it for awhile. The base is there I just need another fast run to find out where I am at with my training.

Tonight I am going with a longer loop of 7 miles that I have been running for the last couple of years. I started off with a 6:11 first mile which felt very fast but my breathing and legs were fine. I backed off a little a kept on pushing. To me these runs are really hard but fun. Concentrating on every stride, breathing and not losing focus of what I am out here for. Only looking at my watch the first mile split I looked down to find out I ran a 46:11 a 6:38 pace. That is over a minute faster than I have ever ran on that route. That is what I needed and gives me a boast going into the Buzzard fat ass trail run this weekend.

3-3-2011 - 7 miles - 46:11 - run

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