Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 119 - Time is flying

Time is flying and only 45 days left of training. After taking yesterday off from running my energy level felt good today. 15 miles was the distance I was thinking of earlier in the day. I left the house around 5:10 p.m. My first mile was 7:30 and my legs felt good. Up the road to Pulpit Rock is where my feet lead me. I ran into some friends hiking with their dogs and we all made the comment “Where is spring?” You can really see the look on everyone’s face that everyone is ready for spring. It will be here soon after the snow and rain in the forecast:-( The view was clear up at Pulpit Rock and very little snow is left on the ground. The long downhill felt good not too fast and not to slow. As usual when I try to run over 7 or 8 miles I head down town to run all the hills I can find and head back home. On the way home I cut over and ran through the grounds of Kaercher Creek and took a couple pics with my phone. Sometimes I get so focused that I don’t look up a lot but when I did the view was very pretty and I had to stop. There aren’t the best pics and I changed them a little to add some life into them. Finishing up with 15 and I think I could of kept going but my time ran out.

3-29-2011 - 15 miles - 2:05 - run

Kaercher Creek

Kaercher Creek

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