Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 117 - Spring or Fall?

Today I split my workout into 2 runs. I didn't feel like getting up early and I didn't have 4 hours at one shot to do my run. I left the house to do an out and back from my house to the Pinnacle around 10:30. I wanted to run this at a faster pace if my legs would leave me. After going along for about 3 miles I knew I could push the pace for the rest of the run. Once on top of the mountain running this AT section is very rock. It is good training for MMT. You learn to look down a lot and lift your feet. If you don't get some of this training in before this event you will be kicking a lot more rocks then if you do. When I reached the Pinnacle there was no one there. I snapped some pics, eat a gel and drank some water and pushed back home. After you get back to Pulpit Rock it is all down hill from there. I picked up the pace after getting on the dirt road and pushed back home finishing in under 2 hours.

I left the house for my second run a little before 4. I headed back up to the mountain to run up the road hill to Pulpit Rock. The legs woke up and they were not happy after climbing the hill. From there I headed down to town to loop my way around. At mile 9 I could feel my legs getting tired and heavy. Pushing on mile 12 and 13 was good training because my legs were done. 

With this cold weather I not sure I heading back into fall or is spring really going to show up. One thing I do know is that I have only 47 days to go until the race. I really have to get focused on running more hills and time on my feet then worry about miles. After running a lot of roads this winter I kind of got in a habit of worrying about miles. Miles are good but at this point in my training I have to move onto more and more hills in the next couple of weeks. It was a good weekend of running with over 40 miles.

3-27-2011 - 12 miles - 1:58 - run
3-27-2011 - 13 miles - 1:57 - run

The view from the Pinnacle

The view from the Pinnacle

The view from the Pulpit Rock

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