Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 3 - Cardio Trainer

The legs were sore today after running with the NB101 yesterday.  The shoes are very light and a lot of fun but they will have to be used on shorter runs.  Just remember when going from a regular sneaker to a very minimalist shoe take your time - don't rush it like me.  I did this 3 years ago with the Vibram Fivefingers and had to back off because I rushed it and had some pain in my foot.

Today I found a cool program for my phone.  It's called Cardio Trainer and it is a free app from the Android market.  It uses the GPS on the phone to track your workout.  So I went for a fast walk at lunch to put it to the test and loosen up my legs. When you start your workout it gives you 15 sec. before it starts the timer.  That is just enough time to turn the screen off and put it in your pocket.  Off I went for a 2.1 mile fast walk into the cold blowing wind. I pushed the stop button and there was my map of my route, distance, speed, and calories burned.  You can post your workout on the web but I didn't try it.  I will leave that for another day.

Looking towards Hamburg on my walk.

After work I didn't have a lot of time so I had to head out the for a run right away.  I used the Cardio Trainer on the phone and the audio notifications are set to go off every half mile.  Audio notifications sound cool until you hear them in the woods when it is dark.  I guess it made me run a little fast.  The legs are starting to feel a little better and should be ready for a long run.

After the run my wife and I had to get ready to head down to the running clubs annual Christmas party.  Food , drinks and a lot of running talk.  As of right now our club has 13 runners entered in the MMT 100 race and most of them were at the party.   This is incredible to me to have this many runners in this type of race.  I can't wait for some great training runs with a lot of these runners.  You could see it in there eyes and they are ready to rock!

12-3-2010 - 2.1 miles - 27:10 - fast walk
12-3-2010 - 6 miles - 46:55 - run

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