Friday, September 2, 2011

2nd Annual - 31 Day Hill Challenge

It all started last year when I ran some hills on the 1st of August. Later that night or the next day I thought to myself I wonder how many hills(the hill) I could run and power hike for the whole month - everyday and no other running except on that hill for some different training. Maybe I could hit 100 ups I really didn't know. I finished last years challenge with 155 ups/346 miles/104,240 ft of accent and had a great time. This year I asked my wife if she would be ok if I would give it another try this year and she said yes....I think. ;-) I'm not getting any younger but I don't feel like I am getting old and right now I can't hike the whole Appalachian Trail - to much time away from the family this year so this hill is close and works perfect. Right from the start my goal was to hit 200 ups. I knew if I was going put the time into it I had to be up there all the time to hit that number. In 22 days I tied my record from last year and after 31 days this year I hit 214 ups/466 miles/142,000 ft. of accent. It was a great adventure again this year with snakes, 1 bear, squirrels, chipmunks, tons of grass hoppers, rain, wind and heat. My family and friends were very supportive and I can never thank them enough - family Karen, Karyna, Alyssa, Mom, Dad, Mary, Dave. Friends Donny, Trish, Paul and Tim Peters and family(Tim ran 50 hills for the month of August) you are the best support crew and without you this would not of been possible! There were plenty of other runners/hikers/walkers out there to that I met and made it really fun. With over 97 hours in the 31 days on that hill it was nice to taper for the last 2 days with no hills or running planned. Tomorrow it is off to the 4th Annual Hamburg, Hills and Hamburgers Run Saturday and Labor Pain 12 hour run on Sunday. Keep moving forward my friends;-) 

Below are more of the details by the day. From where the parking lot is it is a 1/2 mile to the start with 140 ft of accent  then the 1 mile up has 640 ft of accent. I had 4 double days which added and extra 4 miles and 1 - 3 mile run on a track that added 3 miles.


Days running/power hiking - 31 
Hills (1 mile up) – 214 ups 
Miles – 466 (includes 3 miles on a track) 
Time - over 97 hours 
Accent – 142,000 ft.
Descent – 142,000 ft.
Bottles of water/Cytomax - over 90 
Gels - many 
Snakes – over 10 (black,copperhead,rattle) 
Blisters – 1 
Black bear – 1 (day 3 – not easy going back out on day 4) 
Ice cream - gallons 
Hammer Recoverite - almost 1 - 32 serving bag
Coca-Cola - to much
Advil/Ibuprofen - none
Fun - 31 days
Next year.....hmmmm....not sure(I bet I know what my wife will say)

Day 1

Day 21

Day 31

The hill in MapMyRun

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